Scientific Software and Analysis with Matlab 


Scientific Software and Analysis with Matlab 

Matlab, by Mathworks Inc., is a full featured engineering Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that facilitates the creation of sophisticated analysis, visualization, and automation tools.  Though we also develop in C, C++, and Java, we recommend Matlab for quick and sophisticated scientific applications. Some key benefits are:

EnVision Systems LLC has nearly 20 years of experience with Matlab including

But what if I don't have or don't want to buy a Matlab license?

Though it is certainly true that having your own Matlab license (i.e. your own "copy" of Matlab) will allow you greater functionality, it is NOT necessary to own a copy of Matlab to run a Matlab application. Matlab, as an option, has the ability to generate applications that can run without the Matlab application. This does NOT entail an additional license from or fee to Mathworks.


GUI for automatic clustering.  Click to see full image.

GUI for visualizing slices 3-d objects.  Click to see full image.

Matlab's Visual SQ:L database query builder.  Click to see full image.

Microarray gridding development for Applied Biosystems Inc.

Object Detection by Texture Classification
spacemaptol_w_ann.jpg (28896 bytes)
Gel Electrophoresis Lane Tracking for Applied Biosystems Inc.


SNP Neural Network Analysis Tool

Electrophoresis curve modeling